We all have a story to share

this is Contrarian.

We love and cherish the people we write about and we love what they do. The focus on the people has grown into our main focus.

‍One thing that is common for all the stories of the people we feature and write about is that they have a passion. This passion is in some way a big part of their lives and gives them direction, like a compass. There is no following the crowd. They have to follow their instinct and do what they love. This also means that they at times will have to make certain sacrifices and turn the blind side to the advice of people they love to achieve their dreams and fulfil their passion.

A journey of bittersweet events and ups and downs. A journey that demands one to take life in one’s own hands and go get what is needed as it doesn’t just fall from the sky into one’s hands. The journey can be harsh, but this does not affect their loving nature and approach to other people. All of this is what makes them contrarian.

One thing that they do not have in common is their upbringing, family and friends, achievements and failures and experiences so far. That is theirs alone and only. This is what makes each of them unique and able to bring a new story to the world. We cannot tell what their story is, only they can.

We believe they all have a story to share and inspire others to follow their passion.

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