How soon can I expect my order?
Within 1 – 3 days but can vary on depending on your location. If you have any questions about your order feel free to write us at: kv@readcontrarian.com*International orders may be subject to import duties and customs taxes. All incurred charges are the responsibility of the buyer: Contrarian has no control over these. Any questions or queries for customs policies must be made to your local customs office.

What shall I do if I don't receive my order?
Please write us on: kv@readcontrarian.com

Where does Contrarian deliver?
We deliver in most of the world, please contact us on kv@contrarian.com to confirm that we can ship to your address.

What are the shipping costs?
For a single issue purchase the shipping cost is 40 kr. in Denmark. Shipping costs are calculated at the checkout once the country to which the shipment is being sent has been specified. You will be aware of the shipping cost before submitting your order. Please note that the shipping costs are included in the price for subscriptions.

Why is the international shipping and handling costs so high?
We print and ship from Denmark, hence the high shipping costs to international destinations. We are always looking for ways to save readers expensive shipping and handling costs, so if you have any suggestions to stockists please let us know.