We have interviewed Christoffer Immanuel from Organic Basics. Christoffer is one of the co-founders and they have a focus on sustainability. They make underwear of organic materials for men and sell it as subscription. Organic Basics can provide you with fresh, organic underwear without you having to go buy it in a shop.

How would you describe yourself as a person?
My name is Christoffer Immanuel and I’m 26 years old. Describing myself is a difficult question being a humble guy from Jutland, Denmark; I most often let people around me do that. So to get a credible description on myself, and not just my own which would be awesome, awesome, awesome. What I mostly hear from people around me, is that I’m dedicated, enthusiastic and solution oriented – or at least that’s what I choose to remember. They would probably say that I’m never on time, which wouldn’t be a total lie. As my colleague Adrian coins it, I’m never on time but always on schedule.

When did you realize that you wanted to start your own brand?
Back in November 2013, I had arranged a meeting with my friend Mads Fibiger. I knew he was working with an idea about organic underwear on subscription. We had a sit down, and in that meeting I realized that my team and I could contribute a lot to this business. Mads agreed, and not long after we formed a company together.
Ever since I was a little kid I have had a dream about building my own brand. My grandfather built a large Danish cheese company, and is said to be the first man to introduce pre-packed sliced cheese. He was a thriving self-made man. Even though he sadly died when I was very young, my grandmother always told me stories about his achievements and his approach to building a business. He has inspired me ever since I was a child.

What have you learned about yourself since you started Organic Basics?
For me each project is a learning process, its actually one of the main reasons why I run my own business. I love to learn. One of the big personal learning’s I’ve had with Organic Basics is that you really have to live your business. It takes a lot of time to create a brand and you constantly have things to do and improve. You have to focus and prioritise and that is some of the key learning’s I’ve had, focus and prioritise!

Do you have plans about making more organic clothes?
Right now we are focusing on men’s underwear. It is a great pleasure to see this product line really gaining traction and a huge amount of positive customer feedback. It’s no secret that we would love to supply our customers with a full range of organic clothing, however for right now, we are focusing on developing our underwear. The next step we are looking into is a female underwear line. We have been getting a lot of request from female customers about a female line, and we see great potential within this target group.

Where do you wish to see yourself in a year?
I wish to be wherever the Organic Basics journey takes me. I’ve lived in Aarhus for quite some years now, so bringing Organic Basics to a new city or country would be amazing. We’ve been researching on a possible expansion to the German market. Moving to Berlin, Hamburg or Munich wouldn’t be too bad. I’d love to practice my German and learn more of their culture and people. In the longer run I have a dream about taking Organic Basics to San Francisco or Portland. Both are amazing cities that are really on the forefront with Organic businesses.