You haven’t heard from us a while, and if you haven’t followed our Instagram you wouldn’t know much about what’s been going on. We haven’t shut down, we are just working hard on making our dream of publishing the first Contrarian Magazine a reality. We were optimistic and thought that we easily could run the online part of Contrarian while making the magazine, but we realized quickly that it was one of the things we had to focus on to make the greatest result. We made a choice and that was making the magazine. Since we started working much have happened, it’s been a long journey, but we’ll be there soon.

This issue reflects upon the topic a “good life” which we know that there isn’t one answer to but it’s still a subject we find relevant to start conversations about. The idea to the subject came after several conversations where we always came back to that same subject one way or another. Afraid of sounding like a cliché we thought about how to address the “good life”.  We’ve been making interviews and writing about different kind of subjects and people working in areas of our interest. We thought why not take this interest in people and their stories and make the focus on what they believe is a good life down to the most basic things. We have thought a lot about how the media portray success as getting a good career and serve the society. We have decided to take another approach and talk to people with a passion – no matter if they want to be millionaires or not as we believe it can shed a different light on that subject.

We like to get inspired by people and their stories, we like to think that it’s a general phenomenon. The content reflects the thoughts and stories of our contributors. It isn’t rocket science, but stories and different angles on what life can be in its most simple and inspiring way. Through the magazine, you’ll learn about how basic elements, as passion, has been a key factor to aspiring careers or how taking things slow and reflect upon one’s actions has done the same trick – also the explanation to the name of the issue aspects.

Contrarian will no longer, as you may have observed, publish daily or weekly posts, but focus on the magazine and the subject it covers when it’s relevant. We will publish more about the actual process of making the magazine and let you learn more about our amazing contributors and how they came to work with the things they do today and their passion when we get closer to the launch.

With this turn of events and change of focus we felt that Contrarian needed a makeover in some sort of way to move forward, so we have used a lot of time to find a new logo, the upcoming artist Karoline Flensted Madsen ended up being the one that solved this task – we think the result is beautiful and we are looking forward to following her evolving talent.

We are looking forward to sharing stories and angles on how life can be.